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Lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2018

Estampas del Niño Jesús

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2A I am the flower of the field.jpg
Come my Jesus, come into my heart. Let us prepare for him a bed of roses and lilies! ... Angels of the Lord, come help me to worship the Lord of heaven and earth. Bouasse Lebel 916.jpg
HE DESCENDS FROM HEAVEN, THE LITTLE CHILD He weeps for your sins. He smiles on your tears. Bouasse Lebel 2O23.jpg
Come to me all, my arms are open, full of mercy and blessings.jpg
Gloria in Excelsis Deo- christ child and chalice.jpg
Mother of Sweetness - Dopter.jpeg
The Child Jesus - angels nativity - T0ny.jpg
Innocence oversees.jpg
Christ child angels music.jpg
The little Jesus.jpg
Bambino with birds hand cut and ornamented 1800s France copy.jpg
O, Jesus, full of goodness, I want to love you faithfully.jpg
Long expected Prince of Peace.jpg